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The 5 Best Productivity Apps of 2017


With 2017 out, now is the perfect time to round up what takes the top place jun every niche and hence we decided to review the best productivity apps of 2017. Who doesn’t love doing more in less time, with an increasingly digital age, phones and electronic devices are everything, our world revolves around them. With this kind of dependence of devices, it ours to choose whether we use them to the utmost productivity they can offer or not. With this in mind, here are the best 5 productivity apps of 2017.





We all love reading books, or at the very least we all love to gain knowledge and it’s very apparent that reading books takes up a long time and if you’re like me, you probably read 20 min maximum every night and with this pace, it can take unto weeks to finish a book. What blinkist does is that it catalyzes the process of book reading by summarizing non-fictional books into short text or audios of something like 15 min. This is really helpful for fast forwarding the learning process and makes research related jobs much easier. Imagine going through a book in 15 min or less.





Research shows that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more active during certain times of the day, if you’re the kind who like to keep the work/social life balance to a reasonable extent then this is the app for you. You can schedule social media posts that are saved and posted at the scheduled time, this saves time and is effectively useful for those who run business pages or marketing businesses. You almost remotely control your social media by keeping everything on track beforehand.



Cisco Spark


It’s basically a personal assistant that is programmed and then it keeps you on track by emailing you every morning the tasks in store for you and can also be used to send collective emails to whole groups. Pretty handy as it helps you overcome the daily procrastination and also best for those who are forgetful of their chores.





It’s basically an app that works for those who lose concentration during a certain task. It records the time you spend on a single task and gradually helps you improve the time you spend on it thus saving time and squeezing in more stuff into your to do list.





So it’s almost like Focus List but slightly different by the fact that you set a timer during the time you’re doing something and if you successfully finish the task without looking at your phone you grow a tree and if you look at your phone your tree dies. The point is to grow a forest!



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