5 Best Waterproof Smartwatches



Look at our list of the 5 best waterproof smartwatches that you can purchase in 2020. Discover which one we suggest over all others.

You have many choices and this is the thing that will settle on your ultimate choice so hard to reach.

In the market, you will discover contributions from Apple, Garmin, Samsung, TomTom, Fitbit, and numerous others however which of them will be best for you?

With one of the accompanying water-safe smartwatches, you will have the option to run, swim, cycle, and exercise with some extraordinary following applications that will let you watch out for how well you are getting along.

1. Garmin Vívoactive 3

It is one of the best waterproof smartwatches that we will survey.

Garmin is the main brand of wellness trackers and keeping in mind that they as a rule point every one of their items at specific purposes, this specific model is even more a flexible all-rounder. 

It has worked in GPS and will screen your pulse, feelings of anxiety, mileage secured, pace, and different insights reliant on which of the numerous pre-set exercises you have decided to follow.

You can even make your own custom exercises utilizing the Garmin Connect application which is likewise an incredible little component. Moreover, one more cool element is the way that the vívoactive 3 will contrast your information and that of different clients that have utilized the preset exercises.

Out of the container, you will see how sharp the smartwatch looks and it is in every case great to have an early introduction. It utilizes a simple style face as default which we think looks extraordinary however you can, obviously, change the face on the off chance that you like by setting off to the Garmin Connect application and downloading others.

With respect to usability, we saw the smartwatch as genuinely simple to work however it will take a touch of becoming acclimated to simply like some other smartwatch available.

One of the main selling objectives of vívoactive is undoubtedly the contactless price it has. This feature allows you to create a scary interface between the watch and platinum cards and to pay installments in shops or restaurants (where portable rates are recognized) by essentially holding your watch in a payment terminal. These kinds of installments are not very across the board right now yet they are absolutely developing in prevalence and this element truly makes paying so a lot quicker and increasingly helpful.

With respect to the applications that can be downloaded, there are more than 1,600 of them on their application store yet we do need to caution you that these are basically all identified with wellness and very little for whatever else. Consequently, this is the sort of smartwatch that you ought to mean to get if wellness is your center intrigue.

On the off chance that we needed to select a drawback, it would positively be that there is no interior extra room for you to put any music. This is very baffling and will imply that you should keep utilizing your cell phone when working out in the event that you do need a few tunes in your ears.

In the event that the waterproof viewpoint is a significant purpose behind acquiring, the vívoactive 3 has an ATM rating of 5 which implies it is completely fine for swimming at a profundity of 50 meters. There’s additionally a preloaded swimming application to follow your swimming measurements. This makes this model one of the absolute best smartwatches for swimming.


Propelled exercise following

Contactless installments

5 ATM waterproof (50 meters)


No locally available storage for music

The Final Verdict

On the off chance that you are after a waterproof savvy that has precise and broad wellness following highlights and applications, at that point you won’t beat the Vívoactive 3.

Then again, in the event that you needed something that ideas up more assortment regarding the applications that it has and needed to utilize it for different things beside just wellness, you may discover something more fit to you among our different audits.

2. Fitbit Versa Smart Watch – Waterproof to 50 meters

Next up in our audits is the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, another that can be viewed as right close to the top when thinking about which is the best waterproof savvy. As the least expensive on our rundown, this is likewise going to be a mainstream decision for those of you that are searching for something that offers the best an incentive for cash.

To put it obtusely, for the cash you are paying, you are getting an extraordinary smartwatch. The Fitbit Versa smartwatch is waterproof up to a profundity of 50-meters, it has 15 diverse exercise presets, it can follow your movement and rest on an all day, every day premise, and you can likewise hide away to 300 melodies to tune in to and download from an index of in excess of 500 valuable applications.

At the point when you look and wear the Fitbit Versa just because, you will see how thin and light it is contrasted with a considerable lot of its rivals. We really like this and the plan of the watch also is something that will engage many. Its 38.6mm showcase is up there with most different smartwatches and is an incredible trade off between being sufficiently large to improve usefulness yet not very enormous to look revolting.

A touch of baffling is the way that there is no inbuilt GPS and in this way it must be associated with a cell phone for a large number of the wellness following highlights to work. Numerous individuals want to carry only one gadget with them when running or swimming, so this appears to be somewhat counterproductive. This waterproof smartwatch for Android and iOS cell phones, once, associated, will at that point have the option to give you fantastic wellness following highlights.

While that is the principle drawback to the FitBit Versa, there are such a large number of other great sides. You can put away to 300 melodies on the water-safe smartwatch, something that you can’t do on the more costly Garmin vívoactive 3 we investigated beforehand.

Furthermore, another great little touch is the female wellbeing following highlights it has. Ladies can follow their period cycles, side effects, and learn at which times they will be at their generally ripe.

Concerning the application store, you probably won’t have as immense a scope of applications to look over contrasted with most different smartwatches however despite everything you do get a tolerable 500 or so to browse. The great part about these applications is that they are not all wellness related so you can appreciate applications that have been intended for different purposes.


In excess of 15 exercise modes

Waterproof up to 50 meters


No-inbuilt GPS

The Final Verdict

With everything taken into account the FitBit Versa is an incredible waterproof wrist piece at the cost. You can appreciate as long as four days of battery life when being utilized, an ATM rating of 5 which implies you can swim with it, store music, and obviously, exploit the extraordinary wellness following highlights that it has.

3. TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music – Waterproof to 40 meters

A great many people that like to turn out normally will rush to reveal to you that music is the ideal buddy when placing in some hard yards. This is the reason such huge numbers of water-safe savvy observes now enable you to tune in to music just as the GPS wellness following and highlights they are celebrated for.

The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music is another that ideas up this blend and hence you can appreciate 3GB extra room for your preferred tunes, an implicit GPS, wellness following highlights, for example, a running watch, movement tracker, inbuilt heart screen, and 50 preset exercises to browse.

Another decent touch is the Bluetooth earphones that accompany the gadget as standard while it is likewise waterproof up to a rating of 5 ATM which makes this a standout amongst other smartwatches for swimming. It will even track your laps and strokes as you swim similarly that it will follow your action when performing other exercise or exercises. Those earphones are in reality truly great as well and not some that look inexpensively made. They fold over the rear of your head and have amazing sound quality. Matching them just accepts 10-seconds too.

With respect to what it looks like, we saw it as somewhat cumbersome contrasted with the others on our rundown however searches for a large number of you won’t be a major need as long as it offers the exhibition and usefulness that you anticipate. What’s more, it truly does, as it will assist you with improving your wellness age, enable you to make customized exercises, will last as long as 3-weeks on its battery when not in GPS mode, and will ensure you never get lost with its course investigation include.

Movement following is one of the significant explanations behind purchasing a smartwatch and this will follow your action on a day in and day out premise. The separations you have voyage, the calories you have consumed, the pace you are moving at, and all that you will require is incorporated. Anything you will do will be recorded with the goal that you can focus on additional on your next day!


Integrated monitor of heart rate.

It comes with a Bluetooth headset

Can store up to 500 songs


A bit bulky compared to its competitors

The final judgment

TomTom Sparks 3 Cardio + Music is best because of the three waterproof smartwatches tested so far, you are the only one who can listen to both GPS and music without taking your smartphone with you.

4. Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

One of the expensive smartwatches is the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch. This smart watch is waterproof enough to swim to a depth of 50 meters.

We are sure that the Samsung smartwatch is the best on our list as it chose the classic analog style we like. The color scheme is silver and black on the frame and the bracelet. This can also be changed from too many other models.

You can run, swim or lift weights and create statistics like pace, calories burned, speed and everything in between. With a heart rate monitor, you can also make sure that you really keep your body busy to increase your fitness level. Sleep tracking also monitors the length and quality of your sleep every night.

As a Samsung, you can expect superior quality from everything you buy from Samsung, but it is usually offered at a relatively high price. So if you want the best and are willing to pay, this is definitely a smart watch. You can even choose between 2 different sizes and 3 different colors for the ultimate customization!


Accurate activity and sleep tracking

4 GB internal music storage

Wireless charging


A bit expensive

The final judgment

Everything from Samsung comes automatically with an enlarged image, and that’s exactly what you get from the Galaxy watch.In terms of specifications, it outperforms most other smartwatches, and the build quality in terms of scratch resistance and water resistance makes it a great choice if you’re looking for a watch top.

5. Garmin Forerunner 235

The latest model is the Garmin Forerunner 235, our second recommendation from the leading manufacturer of connected watches. It is one of the oldest models on our list, but we still think it can withstand and be compared to some of the newest models on the market. This is mainly because it is much cheaper than before and therefore offers excellent value for money.

The Forerunner 235 is primarily aimed at runners and is known to offer some of the most accurate and informative fitness tracking available. A running watch used to track your distance and pace, but with the 235, you can expect heart rate, stress levels, calorie consumption and many other important factors to be analyzed. It will guide you instead of just giving you your statistics.

All outdoor activities use the GPS integrated in the Forerunners, which is known to adapt quickly to your location. Automatic synchronization with your smartphone is also very convenient as it seems to be much more reliable than most of the others.

Due to its age, you can’t take advantage of the touchscreen, but that’s not a big deal. You can control everything with five side buttons and the controls are easy to master once you’ve used them multiple times. Garmin also offers many applications to choose from and its battery life is excellent as it lasts almost the entire week if you don’t use GPS. When the GPS is active, it reduces considerably to 11 hours of operation, which is understandable.


Light and chic design

Excellent monitoring of health, sleep and fitness

Very good value for money

The inconvenients

Focused on fitness

The final judgment

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a great choice for runners of all skill levels and certainly deserves consideration at its current price. This means that he is missing due to his age and that there is no WiFi connection to watch. You must pair it with a smartphone to access the Internet. While not ideal, most of you always bring your smartphone with you while you run because you want to hear songs while you exercise.

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