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6 Apps That Make Your Commutes More Easier


With people who are busy everywhere and spend five days of the week (better known as work days) commuting from one place to another, and in some cases it’s more than five. So while we very openly accept the fact that our commutes are an inevitable part of our lives and while theres no way around it, we might as well just make the subtle effort to make our commutes more pleasurable and easier, keeping that in view, here’s a list of some apps that help you make your commute much easier and productive.




It’s a very well known fact that we all rely on coffee to kick start our days and even make it through them. So it’s a pretty obvious fact that we have to stop somewhere in the morning to get a decent cup of coffee. Starbucks may be your destination for reasons other than good coffee. You can pre order with your phone (using the app) and save time by not having to wait in queues.





Not all the time do we feel like driving or taking the bus, and not just that, there could be a million more reasons to it. Getting a fast taxi service was quite a challenge until Uber came around, so now you have an app at your disposal to call a cab and get your commute cleared out most conveniently.



Who doesn’t want an app with a decent amount of music tracks to choose from and stream them right away. Time just flies by when you’re enjoying music so for all the right reasons, you just have to have this app for making long commutes feel a whole lot shorter.




So if you’re taking public transport or your commute is too short to carry something like a book or a newspaper, you might as well just carry Instapaper to make sure you’re up ahead on the news and the best part is that you can save articles and always access them later without WiFi. Pretty sick right!



Dark Sky

Who does not want to know the weather in advance because essentially no one likes being stranded under a roof without an umbrella hoping not to get wet. So you can just keep the Dark Sky app and keep track of the weather and the forecast. It always helps, especially if you’re on a commute.




Whether it’s the bus, train, car or even bicycle, headspace is a meditation app that has recordings which can be played and even better is the fact that you can do it in a crowded train. As impossible as it may seem, it’s entirely possible and actually productive,

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