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Reading remains one of the most common and useful hobbies of mankind but the way to read a book has changed rapidly during the last decades. Now, reading through a mobile phone or eBook is easy and fun. There is a new version of Kindle called Amazon Kindle E-reader Paperwhite available. It is pretty much the same as the previous version with one peculiarity about it – it has a screen with a higher resolution, as expected. Despite this low-cost version of Kindle for $79 with a rather baggy body and with no option of a backlight.

Kindle e-reader Voyage Review

Another model, which costs more, one may buy it for $199. This is Voyage Kindle and its screen is high in contrast with an adapted sensor of light. As for the new model, it costs $119, which is quite inviting, offering appealing features and engaging price. The obvious advantage about this particular model is that it, as has already been mentioned, offers a screen with a higher resolution for no raising the price one bit.

Of course, if you do not care what the price is, purchase Voyage Kindle. Back light option, contrast, which was considerably improved; its weight is 12 % less comparing to other models adapted in there. It is not that important to overpay for them. If to speak about functions, all three models are identical. The only thing new coming up for the latest time was adding new fonts to make it easier to read. It is still impossible left-justify the pieces of a text, the line space though, and self-instructed carry is more sensitive from now on.

The new Kindle Paperwhite screen is just adorable. It is still made of plastic, capacitive and sensorial but its sharper text makes it to where it is easier to look at but for a finicking person,it would be an obvious difference between Amazon Kindle e-reader Paperwhite and Voyage models due to less of contrast and because of the backlight to have a bit more of a blue than Paperwhite.

There are still people who prefer reading paper books. They like the smell of paper pages especially if the book is old or, on the contrary, new. Kindle is comfortable because it is one book containing many within it. One carries a library, so to speak and it is waterproof, which makes it even more comfortable.For example, it is safe now to take it with you on vacation somewhere near a river or a sea and even if you drop it, there will be nothing to be botheredwith. Simply try not to take a bath with it and in case it slips, it is going to be fine.Its battery lasts up to 8 weeks.

Kindle Models:

The history of Kindle includes other kinds of models, for instance Kindle, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, which are:

Kindle Keyboard;
Kindle 4;
Kindle DX;
Kindle 4 touch;
Kindle 5;
Kindle Paperwhite,
with PC applications, – iPhone, – Mac, – Android, – BlackBerry.

There is one thing Paperwhite model is missing, which is ambient sensor of light. It would adjust automatically the backlight matching.The lights on Paperwhite Kindle never go off fully but it does not effect in any way the battery duration. Moreover, it is helpful for childrenas long as while reading, they can look up unknown words and enrich their vocabulary making the size of the font bigger for easier reading.

Before Amazon Kindle e-reader Paperwhite coming out, everynew version of Kindle had this so called home button returning the eBook to the home screen with simple pressing on it.Paperwhite though has a home icon instead looking like a house. There is a toolbar on the top of the screen and it appears there. If you cannot see the navigation panel, merely tap on the screen`s top.

Tapping is easy. Just touch the screen on the left to go back to the previous page, tap on the right if you need to turn the page. The toolbar is located on the top so you need to tap touching the top of the screen to go to the toolbar.

Amazon Kindle e-reader Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is available for sale internationally. In addition, this is the first model to be for sale from the very beginning of its launch. To say it briefly, Kindle Paperwhite turns out to be the best eBook for the most number of people. It is truly direct at competition with Kobo Glo HD.

Advantage of an e-reader comparing to phones and tablets is that it does not distract you with text messages, messages in social networks and E-mails.

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