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Is Apple Music The Best Music App There Is?


Gone are the days when we had to transfer audio files to our MP3 players and then stuck around with the same tracks until we were ready to go through the drill of purchasing more music from an audio store and transferring it to our devices, again. With increasingly inexpensive audio subscriptions one doesn’t have to go through the agony of transferring music, it’s all there in your phone. Easier than ever!

A review for the Apple Music app calls for an important point to mention that this app is not only designed for use on Apple devices, android users are equally benefiting from it. So what exactly is the deal with one app that takes the game to such a high level, in my opinion, it’s the convenience. Here are the few features that put the apple music app at the top.


Works On All Platforms

Whether you’re an Apple user or an Android geek, the apple music app is available on App Store and the Google Play. So here we have it, although it is originally intended for apple devices or it may seem that way, there are no limitations as to which platform it is used on. This is one part that I love about it and it’s probably the only thing that takes a break from the Apple-Android discrimination.


Subscription Charges

The Apple Music app gives users three subscription packages including an individual subscription for 9.99$, a family plan for 14.99$ and a student plan for 4.99$ per month. Though a new plan has been introduced for 99$ a year, but is only available to existing users, for a new user only the basic three plans are available. The introduction of the new plan hasn’t been made very explicitly because it makes sense, Apple does not want users to know that they can get the same thing by paying less as well.


Incredibly Huge Collection

With about 30 million music tracks, the Apple Music app wins hearts of many out there looking for a diverse music collection. I was recently introduced to this huge music store in a friends car and was surprised at the different kinds of tracks that I heard in the short period of time. After going through it myself I realized it has everything, music from Hollywood, Bollywod and everything one can imagine. Its best for those who like to be surprised everytime they plug in their earphones.


Is It Really The Best Thing Out There


Now this question is somewhat disputable because Spotify stands as an equally strong competitor. Apple Music came in 2015 while Spotify is nine years old. But the fact that Apple Music is backed by a huge well known company is doing really well, Spotify comes with 30 million plus songs and with 20,000 added everyday. So Spotify still makes it big time.


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