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The Best Apps For Traders


With online trading on it’s hype for most working people today, everyone want’s to try it out and also considering that one can start trading with minimal finances, trading apps for beginners or experts, do come in to the play and with literally so many trading apps out there, there’s legit no way one can pitch on all of them and figure out the best one. That’s where we come into play, we have sorted out the best trading apps that make the job easier for you.




Basically targeting newbies, because first time traders come for it’s simplicity and zero-commision policy, the app is a big time success. Also winning Apples best financial award because of the easy to use interface and easy sign up process that literally takes minutes. A more advanced version for heavy traders, The Gold Version,  can be upgraded to obtain higher trading hours and deposit and withdrawal options, however basic policy is that the investor must have an initial balance of 2000 USD equivalent to € 1474 in order to use the gold version. The app continues to grow and upgrade to shape itself accordingly with user feedback.



E Trade Mobile

Probably what makes this app stand out is the fact that it introduces a voice search option to immediately search for stocks. So with this app you get to trade a variety of securities: stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and options. It’s basically designed for pro traders with real time quotes from a number of very reliable sources so one can stay on top of the finance news, for those who’re into it know pretty much just how important it is to be aware of everything happening in the finance world before hand to make quick decisions. For apples users, the app also comes with its ability to connect with apple watch for notifications and operations.




Its basically a stock simulator that lets you practice in a risk free environment. You can implement new strategies or work on furnishing your skills without the fear of loosing money that you invest. The best part is that you trade with real time stocks so it gives the most realistic experience and the best learning if you’re new to trading. You get an initial $100,000 to start trading and if you happen to win you even receive a real cash prize. It also comprises of pretty much the basic trading options like giving alerts about your favorite stocks update.

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