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PDF To Word Convertor App By COMETDOCS.COM Review


All those individuals out there really looking forward to having a reliable PDF to Word convertor have all been through it when it comes to slow apps, bad quality conversion or simply having to pay for apps. The upgraded version of PDF to Word Convertor is something beyond all of that. I have personally tried and loved it. So the PDF to Word Convertor by COMETDOCS.COM is currently available for iPhone and iPad users on the App Store and the best part about it is that it is absolutely free.

So the app basically lets you quickly and conveniently convert PDF documents into Word files which you are free to edit. The idea is basically meant to save time and effort by not having to type entire documents. The question lies about how reliable and precise is the convertor. My answer, its just amazing. The upgraded version is much faster than the older one so you’re not left there hanging with your documents waiting for a server to respond.


The app does not burden your device with anything intense running on it, since the mainstream work of document conversion is not carried out on it rather it is sent and received from a centralised convertor, all you need is a reliable connection and the best part is that you don’t drain battery or lose too much space. It’s great for people who have phones already burdened with a lot of data or pictures.


As for it’s compatibility with different sources, you’re not just limited to the files on your phone. The app can take and convert files from Gmail, DropBox, One Drive and now on the upgraded version you can even convert files from iCloud. The upgraded version also comes with a more stable and visually appealing interface.

Moving further to a few more important specs about the convertor, there’s no limit to the amount of files you can convert and neither to the maximum size of files that are to be converted. A reliable and free convertor of this sort just about makes the day of an office working guy on any given day!




















Hope you’ll find it helpful and share it with your friends & colleagues. You can find PDF to Word on iTunes, so feel free to visit and read more here:

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