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Ridesharing Companies Ventures into the US Cities


In the present era, the ride-hailing apps are becoming more popular because they provide a better consumer value than most of the existing services. The traditional taxis are licensed to operate in the public spaces and to take on the folks who hail from a normal area. These traditional taxi systems can also be changed to an advanced technology by incorporating through the app-based platforms which are popularly known to be the taxi app-based platforms. A huge number of ride-sharing services have been raised for a past few months.

Expansion of Lyft Services in the US

The US-based gigantic service Lyft will start its hundred additional cities in the US in the future. It is said to be that the expansion starts in a shorter period, with the ride-sharing service Lyft adding about forty cities. The remaining sixty cities will be announced later on. The gigantic company exclaims that it currently covers about fifty-five percent of the US population, or one hundred and seventy-seven million people and hence by the end of the year that coverage will increase to seventy-two percent of the population or about two hundred and thirty-one million people.

They are trying to improve their performance and it will increase the launch pace shortly in next several months. There is a lot of eagerness from both the customers and the drivers as Lyft expands into new markets.  Uber has been claimed to cover about seventy-five percent of the US population and it is said to be New York is one of the last places in the list of countries where the ride-hailing service would be making a good way. A strong push is going on at the present, with a severe argument is going in the New York chamber over whether to allow the ride-hailing services like Uber and Lyft in the areas way from New York City. Lyft has to hard work in order to catch up with Uber, which is available in five hundred and sixty cities globally.

Till present date, Lyft has been in the center of US, but it seems like the company will increase its count in other countries within few months. The members of the company formed an anti-Uber alliance with a few Asian ride-hailing companies though the status of the alliance is unclear since Uber sold its business to one of the members.

Whether the Lyft drivers are more benefitted than Uber drivers?

A report says that about seventy-six percent of the Lyft drivers exclaims that they are satisfied with their service whereas only about fifty percent of the Uber drivers are satisfied driving for Uber. This is mainly due to that the Lyft drivers earn about two dollars more per hour, which can be said in detail by the Lyft’s higher base rates and the payouts for the drivers across the board as well as the incentives.

The Uber drivers exclaim that an average hourly rate of sixteen dollars before that of the expenses, compared to eighteen dollars an hour for the Lyft drivers. It is also important to notify that the percentage of Uber drivers are satisfied with their knowledge of driving for Uber has remained without any initial changes. The Uber drivers are more annoyed, but that may be because they are not complicated one and hence they can be considered. Seventy-five percent of the folks say that they drove for Uber, compared to twenty-one percent for Lyft.

And about sixty-seven percent of the drivers said they drove for two more services and so on. The results of several surveys may not be exhibitive of the entire Uber and Lyft services. There were more services for this year’s survey compared to that of the last one. As a result, there were about more response from one thousand one hundred and fifty drivers but last year he got only four hundred and fifty-three responses. It has been said that the Uber’s service has to improve more in order to satisfy the expectations of the drivers.

Uber also working for it since its relationship with the drivers can be a better one.  There were more negative opinions toward UberPool, the ride-sharing organization fastest means of growing carpool service. The survey said that about fifty-seven percent of the drivers disagree with the report and they are satisfied with the UberPool knowledge. Lyft’s carpool service is a reliable one as the UberPool.

The statistics exclaimed that the women reported earnings were about fifteen dollars for an hour while the male counterparts reported earning about seventeen dollars per hour. The African-American drivers for both the gigantic services Uber and Lyft reported earnings were about fourteen dollars per hour compared to that of the average reported hourly earnings of seventeen dollars for all the drivers.  The female passengers were taken on a longer one which is more costly routes than male passengers.

Lyft Shuttle is the latest product is the ride-hailing industry in order to imitate the fixed routes and the fares of a regional bus service. Lyft Line is an extension of the Lyft’s carpool service is being tested out in San Francisco and Chicago. Here the concept is a totally different one where the driver is fixed along a constant route with the predetermined pick-up and drop-off locations. Hence the folks can save the money on fare amount and also it is a form of exercise.  This service is available only for particular commute hours. It is said to be that the fare amount is fixed at a low price point and it is still calculated by means of time and distance. The Fare amount for Lyft Shuttle is not affected by any means of Surge Pricing.  There is no any specification for the price amount and how it works out exactly. It is expected that the Lyft will disclose more details in the future.

The customers who chose Lyft are being offered a discount for a certain period of time. The drivers are paid with normal Lyft line charges unless the surge pricing is in effect. It is said to be that Lyft Line will be the future of rideshare and a list of the new features surely will impress the customers.  The actual fact is that it is not a new topic in the world of ride-sharing apps. The US-based gigantic companies Lyft and Uber have been testing various products for the past few years.

In the year 2015, Uber launched a new service known to be Uber Hop in which lists of passengers who are traveling in a similar route are dichotomized with the same driver. Moreover, Lyft had a more casual carpooling product in which the drivers who are not a professional one could get paid to pick up the third parties on their way to work. But it became a failure one and Lyft also was not able to find enough drivers to join. If the famous ride-sharing services Uber and Lyft continue to brainwash more folks in order to share the rides and use constant routes, and the organization’s automatic routing systems grow clearer one. It is suspected that the future charter buses totally depend on the Uber and the Lyft’s platforms.

Author Bio: Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay. He is a writer and coffee lover. He has is a graduate in Computer Science and Post Graduate in Entrepreneurship and leadership from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia. He is a passionate blogger & SEO Specialist.

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