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The Anatomy Of Facebook Marketing


The most obvious sight on our Facebook news feed is an advertisement and in case you haven’t noticed, you probably remember a post that is marked as “sponsored”. So how does that happen and what use is it. Well the basic idea is that sponsored posts are showing you something from a page you haven’t followed. And in most cases, they are selling something. The seller is basically paying Facebook (an amount much smaller than you think), and in return, Facebook publicizes that post. It could be for selling something or getting likes and followers.


How Does it work?

It’s simple! When you have a Facebook page for something, Facebook automatically prompts you to promote that page. Now you have various options when you want to promote it. You can select the age group that sees the post, the location where you want people to see the post and if your product is gender specific, you even have the option to choose which gender sees that post. As for the location, you can narrow your area of advertisement down to a one mile radius. Well that is a lot of specification. But there’s more! You can choose the kind of audience that sees your product. For example, if you are selling books, then you would want people who take reading as a habit to see your books. You get to choose the interests of your audience before making your post go online. This is almost like an advertising offer out of this world where you are in control  of literally everything.

Must Be Super Expensive…

Well not really. You get to choose how many people would see your post (how many impressions you get) and then you pay accordingly. For example, an average of 1000 people see your post for 0.38$. So you get the idea that this kind of marketing is probably the cheapest thing out there and what’s best is that you get to be as specific as you want.


The Big Question, Is It Worth It?

Well, lets be honest, every business needs marketing. So, we have traditional marketing that includes the newspaper, magazines, brochures, T.V, radio and billboards etc. And  it goes on, but whats different about Facebook marketing is that this is probably the cheapest thing out there. It’s almost like running your Ad on Time Square for free considering the amount of people you reach out to. Moreover, as I have discussed earlier, you get to choose everything, so I personally believe that this is the future of marketing and the easiest way to make your product famous. It’s definitely worth the money considering the fact that the online presence of your product climbs to a whole new product.


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