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Top 3 apps for counting calories


Calorie counting is an essential when you are in your initial stages of losing weight, controlling your food portions, maintaining your weight or trying to gain weight. It helps you to track how much energy you are in taking. It helps you to track and know if you are eating more than you should or if you need to increase your calorie intake. Counting your calories can be extremely hard if you are doing it on your own and not using a good calorie counter. Here is a list of most accurate and free calorie counters you can download.

  1. Lifesum: Healthy Lifestyle App

    Lifesum is a personalized lifestyle and health app. It provides you the platform to track your calories, fats, carbs, exercise and so much more. This is one of the best apps for you whether you want to lose, gain or maintain weight.

    – A very wide food database.
    – Reminds you to track your daily progress.
    – Motivates you and provides you recipes through its daily quotes and blog posts.
    – Beautiful and attractive layout.
    – Free health tests.
    – Very responsive.
    – You can also keep track of your macros.Cons:
    – Sometimes the notifications do not match with the actual activity.
  2. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

    With more the fifty million downloads, MyFitnessPal has earned its place in the Editor’s Choice list due to its fast and easy to use interface. With this app, you can keep track of your food, drinks and you can even log your physical activity. It has a wide variety of food in their database, to be exact there are more than six million foods from around the world. A lot people swear by this one app.

    – A wide variety of food list.
    – Easy to use.
    – If the food is not in the list, you can enter it yourself.
    – You can scan bar codes to add nutritional facts.
    – It allows you to sync this app with your other favorite apps.
    –  Share your experiences with other people through their public forum. Get motivated and motivate others.Cons:
    – The food list is not culturally diverse. Not a lot of Asian food choices are available.
    – No alarms or reminders for eating schedule or workouts.
    – A lot of popular workouts are not available.
  3. Lose It! By FitNow, Inc.

    This app is pretty much similar to MyFitnessPal and is also a part of Editor’s Choice List.

    – You can add food by scanning, searching or by taking a picture of it.
    – You can track more than just calories including  your carbs, fat and protein intake.
    – Learn what helps or hinders your progress through blog posts.
    -Set challenges and smash them.Cons:
    – The app lags and crashes at times.
    – The paid version does not offer anything special.
    – Not recommended for people trying to gain muscle, weight or maintaining weight.
    – The app just restricts itself to losing weight.


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