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Top 3 apps to cure your phone addiction


Our smartphones have become our addiction. Even if there is nothing new on our feed and we are drowning in our work, we would rather keep refreshing our Instagram or Facebook and keep procrastinating. But, there are apps that can help you focus on your work and make you leave your phone for hours. Here is a list of top three effective and free productivity apps that can cure your phone addiction and keep you focused on your work.

  1. Forrest: Stay Focused

    This app basically challenges you to grow a tree. It tests your patience. Firstly, you set up a timer by entering the minutes for which you have to concentrate, for instance, you have to write an essay and you need to work on it for two hours. So, you set up a timer for two hours. When you start the timer, you sow a seed and on your screen, you start seeing a growing tree. Since, you have set up a timer for two hours, the tree will completely grow in two hours and if you touch your phone before two hours you tree will die and you will lose all your points and progress.

    – Easy to use.
    – Fun and interesting.
    – It really works.

    – It turns on the do not disturb feature which can cause you to miss important phone calls.
    – Fails to sync with your accounts so, your progress cannot be recovered once lost.
    – The premium version keeps crashing.

  2. Detox Procrastination Blocker

    Detox Procrastination Blocker helps you improve your focus by breaking your procrastinating habits through its digital detox.

    – Enables you to focus.
    – Does not lag or have any bugs.
    – Works smoothly.
    – You can receive calls if you buy the premium version.

    – Blocks incoming calls.
    – Sometimes crashes suddenly.

  3. Stay Focused – App Block

    This app helps you focus and beat procrastination by restricting the usage of blocked apps for a selected time. For instance, you spend a lot of time on just Snapchat and you need to work on your group project and to keep updated with group mates and don’t want to block off you WhatsApp then with this app you can only block Snapchat for the time you need to focus on your project.Its premium version gives you the option in which the app restricts you from changing the time settings until the next day. This app only blocks individual apps and not individual websites.

    – Only blocks individual apps.
    – Clean and efficient user interface.
    – Simple and to the point.
    – Does not block incoming calls.Cons:
    – Stops tracking time suddenly.
    – Prone to crashing.

Let us know about your experience with these apps in the comment section below.

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