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Top 3 Apps to Edit Pictures


Pictures are how the people of this era express themselves. It is all about likes and keeping your Instagram feed lit. Ever wonder how that girl always takes the best pictures and how her every selfie slays all the lighting goals. Wonder no more because, here is a list of top three editing apps that will completely change your Instagram game.

  1. VSCO

    VSCO (pronounced visco) and its best features are completely free. You definitely do not need to buy the premium version. This app is not only a picture editing app but, it is also a picture sharing platform. It offers many soft and faded filters which are a lot in demand on Instagram now a days. If you cannot seem to decide how to adjust your pictures then head over to Pinterest because you will find a lot of VSCO tutorials along with their results.
    – Elegant and soft filters
    – Great selection of image adjustment tools
    – Filter strength is adjustableCons:
    – The premium version does not offer anything extraordinary.
    – The latest update keeps crashing.
  2. Snapseed

    Snapseed is one of the most powerful editing apps out there. It is very easy to use and its edits are very subtle. The editing features that this app offers are very advanced and it also lets you remove and disappear unwanted objects that are just lying around. For example, you just took a bomb selfie and as your are about to post it, you see that you have a lot of embarrassing mess lying around which just can’t be cropped. In such a case, you can easily remove that unwanted mess by using this app.
    – Lets you remove unwanted objects
    – Correct perspective of your pictures
    – Powerful collection of tools
    – Not as easy to use as they claim it to be
    – The android version is different and not as good as the iPhone version
    – The interface is slow
  3. Youcam Perfect

    Youcam Perfect is not only a photo editing app but, it is also a selfie camera app. You can also make photo grids and collages as well. With this app, you can also correct your skin tone, you can contour your face and nose, you can make your face appear smaller and you can even change your body shape, get rid of dark circles, blemishes and unwanted objects. The best part is that you can do it all for free.

    – It is an all in one app
    – Free and very easy to use
    – Subtle and soft edits
    – Lets you compare your pictures
    – Crashes at times, making you lose all your
    – Premium version does not offer anything special, you still have to deal with ads

Let us know your experiences with these apps in the comment section below!

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