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Top 3 Apps To Motivate Yourself


Motivation is something you need daily. Without motivation, you will end up in a rut and slack at every task you are supposed to do. Motivation is not something that you can have daily. Some days, you feel so energized that you might conquer the world, and other days you just want to lie in your bed, watch Stranger Things and eat as unhealthy as you possibly can.

If you want to feel your best and motivated self each day, here a list of apps that you should definitely install in your smartphone. Lets start with the basics.

  1. YouTube

    YouTube is not just watching promos, music videos, movies and interviews etc. You can also use it to motivate yourself daily. YouTube consists of so many creative YouTubers who have made their channel into a space which motivates people at every age.

    Study With Jess

    Just look up for motivational videos or productive daily routines and I assure you that you will completely change as a person. There are so many YouTubers like StudyWithJess who have a channel based on motivating people to study and get good grades.

    Then there are YouTubers like Blogilates who post easy to do workouts and motivate their viewers to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. You can find so much motivation on YouTube if you just look for it.

    Kristin and Marcus

    Jess and Gabriel

    Then there are YouTubers like JessandGabriel and KristinandMarcus who motivate people to live their in the pursuit of God.

  2. Pinterest

    Instead of finding motivational quotes on google or Facebook, just head on to Pinterest. It is much more than a DIY (Do It Yourself) website. You can find so much motivational techniques, listicles etc on Pinterest.

    Maintaining a Pinterest account is so easy. Just look up for motivational quotes and it will give you more suggestions to make your search more specific to what you want and if you find something that really motivates you, then you can simply save that image by creating a board and pinning that picture on your board. Pinterest basically works as you online mood board.
  3. Motivation365
    unavailable due to bad internet
    Motivation365 is an app that brings you free motivational stories, pictures and wallpapers for your smartphone. The stories that you will find on this app are simple and basic but, really inspiring. These stories teach you how to be motivated by doing or feeling something that is really simple.

    Inspiration and motivation oozes out of this app and you do not even have to search or look up for anything. Just install this app and make motivation easy for yourself.

Next time when you lack motivation or feel sluggish, don’t waste your time looking for motivation somewhere other than these apps. Best of Luck!

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