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Top 5 Apps To Have If You Live In London


Of course living in busy cities has its perks and necessities and in today’s world where a major portion of our lives is spent looking at a mobile screen, making sure that time isn’t going wasted is just another necessity. Having the right mobile apps makes your time looking at a screen a whole lot more productive and if you live in the United Kingdom then we have it all sorted out for you. Here’s a list of some of the best apps that make life in the UK easier and more productive (fun too!)



Hailo is a taxi app that works best in London (also in some other places in the world). Some people who are heavy taxi users swear that Hailo is the best taxi app and beats MyTaxi and Uber in many ways. Also, if you have scheduled a taxi then you get complete info about the driver along with car details and an estimated fare. Although some people tend to think that the driver over charges but we looked into it deeply and apparently, the driver doesn’t deliberately charge you more than your legitimate fare. The prices are super competitive and the app is itself growing it’s network.


City Mapper

If you’re in London but not sure how to get from one place to another, then this app is here to save you. With an incredibly easy to use interface and an overwhelming number of existing users, the app makes going places in London as easy as 1-2-3. It gives you all available choices, train, bus, bike rental, tubes and cabs and also comes with a convenient feature of Take Me Home to help you get home from where ever you are. You can add favourite places and points of interest and it guides you and its amazing how helpful this app can be.



This app is like an online market place and it is on the hype. You can sell everything you don’t need anymore and it is very easy to use and also to note, fast to use. If you’ve recently upgraded your phone then this is where you can sell the last one. But phone is a very easy example, you sell almost EVERYTHING! Even your old magazines. You can sell stuff through PayPal, so go ahead get rid of everything you don’t need.



Every wondered what to do tonight, it can be hard if you’re not even sure yourself. Well YPlan has you covered. YPlan lets you purchase tickets to various concerts, theater performances, comedy shows and lots more, so you not only purchase but also know exactly what’s going on around you. The app is not only intended for use in London but also in New York. So now you know what you’ll be doing tonight.



The app is a TV guide for all upcoming shows and movies in the UK and let’s you plan in advance what to watch and when to watch. It can be downloaded free on iPad. It also combine other social features so you also know what your friends are watching.


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