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Top 5 Apps For Making Payments


With todays world inclined more and more towards making payments without cash, there’s an ever increasing demand of mobile pament systems. Though there’s a world filled with people who still prefer to be old school and pay with cash, we decided to do something intersting for the lot who actually likes mobile payment. Well it’s convininet, you dont have to worry about change and niether do you have to carry coins in your wallet. Plus it’s faster than counting and paying with cash and then waiting to recieve change. Anyways, moving on to the very helpful list of the top most useful mobile payment apps.



Google Wallet

So it’s fairly simple, a user enters his credit or debit card information into the app protcted by a pin. When a payment has to be made, the phone is tapped next to a terminal supplied at payment counters and the information is used to send payments. It’s not available on all devices since it works using NFC and although an NFC chip is installed in many phones, many handsets lack one and that is all the limitation we have. Incase a phone is stolen or lost, the payment system can be shut down using your google account. Safe and easy!




So the PayPal is even simpler to use. It desn’t limit your payments to the availability of an NFC card, you make payments with your phone number. Once you have the PayPal app you enter your PayPal account and make payments directly from it. It is protected by a pin which is setup when you enter your account details. Though the procedure sounds somewhat unsecure for making payments with a phone number but Paypal wouldn’t put you at risk, there are certain secuity protocols which keep you safe.



Intuit GoPayment

The GoPayment has some kind of compatibility flexible options where you can use it on iOS devices and Android 4.0+ devices. You set this up and then your app comes with a free card reader, your payment information is transferred to the payment terminals from which the merchants can send e-reciepts (on your email) and also use your emails to send promotional offers and deals. It’s like a newer but less popular system but is fully cooperative with our busy lives.




LevelUp does slightly the same thing, it’s there on Apple and Android devices and lets you scan your phone. Here’s how it works, you get the app, enter your bank account or credit details and the app creates a QR code which can be scanned by the merchant to transfer payments. It’s gaining popularity by the day with more than 4000 users already basically because it’s super convenient.



Apple Pay

So it also works on NFC but is limited to your iPhone and Apple Watch only (well ofcourse). You enter your card information and tap your phone on a payment terminal. The payment is transfered and authenticated with your finger print. Now everyone carries their iPhone and Apple watch so with Apple Pay, you can properly say good bye to plastic curency and cash.







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