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Top 5 Free Apps That Will Make Workout Fun For You


Relating to workout, there are two types of people in the world:

  1. People who love to workout. They are those who like to engage in physical activities like working out at home or the gym, sports, running or swimming etc.
  2. People who are not very big fans of any sort of task that involves physical exercise.

But, no matter which type you belong to, working out gets boring if you are doing the same routine again and again.

You can make working out fun for yourself by setting up goals and doing something different each day, but, as a normal person you don’t know how to categorize or organize your workouts in a way that will benefit you the most. But, you do not have to worry about such things anymore because the experts have solved that issue for you.
This list includes the Top 5 apps, designed by fitness experts that will not only make fitness easy and achievable for you, but, it will also make it fun for you.

  1. Fit Girls Guide:

    This by far the best app for women who want to lose weight within a month. They even have a very interactive community on all the social media platforms where everyone shares their progress and journey.

    Fit girls guide is an app which provides you with a 28 days jump start workout routine. Just login or sign up with your Facebook account or email and you are good to go. No in app purchases are required.

    When you first login, you will see three options; challenge, samples and my profile.

    “Challenge” has your daily tasks, and each task is different each day and each day is solely dedicated to a specific body part. For example, on your first day you will train your arms, the next day your tasks will be related to booty, and the next to abs etc. There is a day dedicated to cardio in each week and does not contain any task, so you can just get on the treadmill that day or go running. Furthermore, at the end of each week you get a rest day which is titled as “stroll+stretch”. The intensity of these tasks increase each week but, its nothing that a beginner can’t do.The “Sample” portion provides tutorial videos for a few uncommon workouts and “My profile” shows your progress.

    You have to mark your progress after each workout and you receive compliments or words of encouragement each day, even if you did not do that well.

    All in all, this app is the best due to its positive and goal oriented structure. You will surely enjoy your 28 days with this app.

  2. 30 Day Fitness Challenge- Workout at Home:This app has been introduced by the Leap Fitness Group. They are known for owning a chain of highly well equipped gyms in the United States. With over 10 million downloads, this app is found in the Editor’s Choice list.

    This app provides a thirty day challenge for beginners, intermediates and experts.

    They also provide a wide range of workout sets for a legs, abs, butt, legs and full body. You are also provided with a tutorial for each workout and everything is absolutely free.The best part about this app is that you do not need any equipment or a gym. Each of these apps are focused on lifting your own body weight, will makes your working out experience fun, easy and achievable at the comfort of your home.

    Just complete a task whenever, you have time. No time restrictions.

  3. JEFIT: Workout Tracker, Gym Log & Personal Trainer

     JEFIT is an app that provides its users with more than 3000 free workouts. Their built in timer makes it a lot easier to track your workouts because you do not constantly have to switch in between your apps.This app contains a wide range of workouts and a very user friendly workouts. The instructions provided for each workout are easily understandable because they are written in a very comprehensive manner.

    The exercises have been categorized according to their intensity. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate or an expert you will find your perfect workout list.

  4. Fitness and Body Building:

    This app not only focuses on losing weight but, it also focuses on building muscle. This app is basically your personal trainer. Just buy some weights and sign up with this app and you are all set to go.

    With over five million downloads, this app has entered the Editor’s Choice list. While, this app is free to download and for the most part, free to use, you have to purchase it’s best features. But, the price is affordable and is definitely a better than paying for a highly expensive gym.

    The illustrations and instructions provided for each workout are very easy to understand. All in all, it is the best app for muscle gain and body building.

  5.  Home Workout and Personal Trainer:

    This app is an all-rounder. It provides workout options for weight loss, toning and muscle gain for all genders.

    You can focus on any part of your body or you can choose the Full Body Workout plan if you want to focus on your whole body.

    The guidelines provided for each workout is understandable and comprehensive.The only flaw you would find in this app is that you cannot record your progress. This app only provides you with a very comprehensive plan and that is it. This app would have been on the top of this list if it provided a calendar and forum to track your progress.

If you lack ideas for workout plans, or simply do not have the time or knowledge to make one yourself, then these are your go to apps. Use these apps and save yourself loads of money. Just download and sign up and you are all set.

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