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Top 3 Apps to Track Your Menstruation Cycle


A girl’s menstruation cycle is the most unpredictable thing ever. You think you have got the hang of your menstruation cycle and then boom, you are on your periods ten days earlier than your speculated date. But, thanks to the advanced technology of this era, you do not have to receive these bloody surprises anymore.

The following is a list of the Top 5 Apps that will help you track your menstruation cycle.

  1. Period Tracker, My Calendar 
    With a high 4.8/5 ratings, this app helps you track your menstrual cycle. This app not only tracks your period but, also tracks your fertile days and your birth control as well. This period tracker will help you set up an accurate date whether your menstruation cycle is regular or irregular.

    1. Pros:
      * It helps you track your period irregularities.
      * It is 98% accurate.
      * Your history is recoverable even after change of device.
      * It lets you track your moods and symptoms.
      * User-friendly and a very uncomplicated app.
    2. Cons:
      * Lags if you have slow internet.
  2. Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation & Fertility Calendar
    This app provides a simple and smart way to track your menstruation cycle as well as, your ovulation and conception days. It makes accurate and reliable menstrual cycle predictions, even women with irregular periods can easily rely on it. Furthermore, you can also track your emotions, sleep, physical exercise and even your vaginal discharge with this app.

    1. Pros:
      * It is an all in one app with numerous features.
      * Flo helps you analyze everything in the form of graphs.
      * This app is accurate and reliable even with an irregular menstruation cycle.
      * You can also keep track of your weight and fitness.
      * It provides you with surveys regarding your bodily needs to make the app a lot more personalized.
      * It enables you to connect with other women through their Flo community forums.
      * You can also choose your own app design settings.
    2. Cons:
      * The calendar and other images do not fit well on a few devices.
      * It does not sync with your gmail accounts. An error occurs during the process.
      * The app lags sometimes even if there are no internet connectivity issues.
  3. Period Tracker
    Period Tracker is the simplest app with which you can track your menstruation cycle. You just need to press a button at the start of your period and this app will start recording and tracking everything for you. This app will use the average of your previous three months’ periods to predict your future menstruation cycle with utmost accuracy. Furthermore, Period Tracker will track your symptoms, moods, and your sexual activity to provide you with a more accurate ovulation period cycle.

    1. Pros:
      * User friendly and simple.
      * It provides a number of great features like tracking your acne, body aches, cramps, cravings and much more.
      * This app has a very discreet icon which gives you privacy even if someone else is using your phone.
      * Reliable for women with irregular menstruation cycles.
    2. Cons:
      * It is not 100% accurate.
      * Lags without any internet connectivity issues.
      * Stops responding after a while.


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