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Business professionals often require such application on their cell phones that helps them minimize their workload and makes their business more effective. Altering the records, holding meetings, assignment submission and overviewing, keeping record of your financials, these are some of the functions that can be performed by using a portion of such versatile applications.

These top mobile applications reduce the likelihood of any errors. Moreover, you can use them at any place and it helps you in keeping control of your business far from your original office.

Below are some of the top chart smart phone applications that can be very handy for any professional.


  • ClickMeeting

Video conferencing facility is available in almost every smart phone, but what if it could be made more professional and business oriented. ClickMeeting provides u a range of enhance functionality that none other application does. It is a paid application costing almost 30$, it is available in every format, for all android, apple, and blackberry users. With ClickMeeting you can schedule your meetings, stream video and audio calls, you can even share your screens, and record your events. All this can be done from just a smartphone and ClickMeeting application.


  • NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld provides all small and large scale businesses a completely ascendible (ERP) enterprise resource planning system. This smart application helps you with your business financials. You can manage your security records, expense reports, purchase orders, your business dashboard and much more. Now you don’t always need to carry you laptop to look after your business financials or doesn’t need to be in your office for this particular task. This application can gives you the leverage of working away from our office and allows you to manage your business without the use of any laptop or desktop.


  • Asana

When it comes to project management you doesn’t always need to spam your inbox with dozens of back and forth emails. Asana is one of the top project management application that was initially used by the facebook employees to achieve an effective team work and keep track of their tasks. This application is updated with some great new features that includes task management and scheduling, task updating, and reminder sending. Asana’s main focus is to reduce the weightage of the emails that employees use to communicate for a project management task. This application gives you more time to actually focus on the main purpose of the task rather than wasting hours in emails. This application provides a free version that allows teams of up to 15 members to work. You can purchase the paid version as per member.


  • QuickBooks


QucikBook is top chart accounting software that helps the professionals to monitor their company’s financial condition. This smart invention helps you to keep track of your company’s financial statement, and expenses and revenues. You can even send off the payments to you staff through this application. QuickBook also allows you to upload the images of your invoices directly from your smart phone. It also helps to file up your taxes accurately and without any errors. This application is provided on a month of a free trail, later, can be purchased as according to the will.


  • Evernote Scannable


Evernote Scannable is a best of all the scanning applications available in the market. It is smart features that automatically and quickly scans the business cards, documents, notes and any file. It can be connected to linkedIn for additional context, and it offers great text-parsing for cleaning up the tangled documents.



These some simple yet very useful and elegant mobile applications are specially designed for the professionals to work efficiently and to minimize the workload. Regardless of your location these applications can be brought into use from anywhere around the globe.

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