Top 5 Cameras To Fill Your Photography Needs


We all know how a really good camera can make an average photographer into a really good one. So what exactly defines a good photographer? The details could go on as photography is a world of its own, but we’ll cut down the trouble and boil it down to the camera that could solve the problem. So there are many kinds of camera, and if you have a high end phone then even your phone camera could solve it for you but if you’re looking forward to get some really good results then I’d suggest to make an investment and get a good DSLR camera, we’ve made a short list to help you choose what exactly you need.


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Price: £2849 on Amazon

This Digital SLR is one complete camera which can very conveniently be used as an expert level device for professional photography. It is a 30.4 MP camera with a 61-point auto focus, 41 cross type and a 3.2 inch touch screen which is fairly large for a camera. One thing I like about the Canon is that it gives a maximum shooting speed of 7 frames per second so we get professional 4K movies out of it with maximum clarity.


Nikon D810

Price: £1799 on Amazon

The Nikon D810 is just a step below the Mark iv, though it comes with 36.3 mega pixels, it has a maximum shooting speed of 5 fps and 51-point auto focus, 15 cross-type. But this doesn’t give us any thing less than an expert level camera. I won’t really recommend this or the last one for beginners because it’s always wise to start off with something less expensive. But if you’re a professional photographer then you should be pretty clear onto the fact that it gives value for money because of the clarity and huge amount of details.


Canon EOS 5DS

Price: £2592.91 on Amazon

This Canon is in my opinion one of the most strongest competitors. Giving 50.6 million effective pixels the Canon EOS 5DS is the highest resolution full frame DSLR by far. It comes with a 61 Point auto focus and 5 fps video shooting but no 4K here. But excluding that, this device makes a very professional photography companion in good price. But if you’re really into it, then the Mark iv would probably be a better option.


Nikon D500

Price: £2399 on Amazon

If your photography is more video-oriented then this has to be your thing, it makes 10 fps 4K videos which is more than enough for home based photographers. It gives 20.9MP and 153 point auto focus. Everything is pretty high end and intended to give better video making. A rugged metal body makes the device suitable for outdoor use and one doesn’t have to be very careful when taking it into a soccer field. It excels in outdoor and wildlife photography and fast action sports.


Canon EOS 7D Mark ii

Price: £1229 on Amazon

The device comes with most high end features and the price puts it suitable for beginners professional photography. Giving 20.2 MP and a 65-point auto focus, the canon is fairly reasonable for taking very good pictures and whats best is that it gives 10 fps 1080p movies making it an all rounder. A device that has almost everything desirable and yet costs pretty good.







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