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Top 5 Free Apps For Watching Movies


In a world where watching movies doesn’t mean getting a DVD Player and then a DVD anymore, or even bothering to make a trip to the movie theater, or for that matter, you don’t even have to spend money on anything. So we made a list that has been a point of interest of many which is about free apps that let you watch movies. It’s amazing, never having to spend a single penny on the box office anymore. If you carry out work on your phone and now you even start watching movies on it, voila! Your phone has successfully become your life.




The best part is that this is available on literally every platform and you don’t even worry about compatibility. Xbox, Playstation, Kindle, Windows you name it. Now here’s some truth, you wont get a library as huge as Netflix but it’s definitely bigger than the one that serves your needs. Updated with all the latest seasons, shows and movies. You’ll love saving money on this. The interface is kinda cool, easy to use and the videos run smooth. You don’t even have to login or make an account although it’s optional if want to save progress.




So what’s the deal with a bunch of apps doing the same thing, streaming movies. Well this one does more than just that. First you get to sort movies in any order you like, just like you sort apps on an android phone or a desktop. Apart from that, you get to filter languages so it’s best  if your’e more fluent with French than English. So you get the idea. It’s really easy to search for movies and shows. It also lets you watch movie trailers, read celebrity news and even lets you go through the biography pages of the actors.




Though the Yidio app has its limitations, it’s all about being mighty convenient. The limitation being the fact that you cant download it on all devices so you’re not good to use it on all platforms. The second is not a big deal, but still should be part of a comprehensive review, all movies on it are not directly available on the app, you are even sometimes directed to other apps like Hulu. Other than that, you can very conveniently search for movies under numerous filters like premiere date, ratings, genre and source etc.




So it’s conveniently available on most platforms (phew!) and what’s better is that you get to share what you’re watching on social media. Finally something compatible with our generation. So you get to browse through different genres and be choosy when you categorize what you want to see. You get many sections to sort things out like view popular and recently added etc.




So this app also lets you stream movies for free, first comes the basic genre section and then the search is narrowed down to most popular and recently added. Whats unique is that you get to make a queue for movies you might want to watch later but I guess the feature is slightly more useful on Youtube and when listening to music. But it still makes a great app for watching movies. It’s also available on various devices so yeah, pretty good!


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