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Top 5 News Apps Of 2017


There were times when reading the news meant sitting somewhere with a newspaper in your hand along with a cigar to accompany you, the trend has now converted into a smartphone and coffee. It’s in everyones ease to get a hold of these two things and once you have them, reading the news is actually pretty fun and if you simply want to save time and read on the go, there are apps on smartphones to conveniently let you do that. We have a list of some of the apps to help you out in deciding which one to have.




The beauty of the app is that you get an RSS reader which means you’re not hooked up to one news source but the sources are flexible to your demand. You get to choose the source of the news, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. So you have to sign up for it and then the app saves your preferences for use on all devices. Meaning you’re not limited to your phone, if you prefer using a computer at work you can simply sign in and catch your news.




So flipboard is just a more fancy version of Feedly. You get to choose your own websites and your own sources, it takes your preferences and shows content accordingly. So you’re always privileged to seeing the kind of news you like. Its like a digital magazine and plus you get an amazing interface with big pictures as covers for news items. In many devices you even get a swipe-to-open setting to make it easier to open the app.



Google News

So the app is actually really helpful to those who save time and don’t like to set up preferences and apps. Since it is linked with your google account, you get news items related to your searches. Now we all use google even to search for the most trivial things, which unfortunately leads to seeing news about things we don’t want. But however, it still is an intelligent news app that you can set up according to your own preferences and interests.




Now this app is best for those who like brushing on content for news and not going into the depth. Though it may sound great for those who like to save time but it still requires you to set up a feed but is somewhat less time taking than other apps. It gives a list of pre-selected articles and even remembers you read list.



News Republic

Here’s one app that can learn your taste in the best possible way. It initially asks you to enter your preferences and once you do that, it automatically gathers content from all it’s sources and displays. The best part is that it learns your tastes and shows you exactly what you want too see.

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