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Top Android Apps To Buy Under $1


You know how its the most amazing feeling to find something truly up to our taste at a dollar store, now imagine walking into a dollar store that sells apps. Now we’ve made a list that makes this possible. All you have to do is go to your App Store and search for what you like from this list, we promise its gonna cost less than a dollar. For apps, I sometimes like the concept and the best part is that these apps for actually a good investment and you won’t be disappointed.



Price: $0.99

Ever had the feeling of carrying an entirely new phone every time you buy a new phone cover? Now if you’re thrilled to actually reinvent the idea of carrying a new phone then apart from just changing wallpapers and phone covers, ClickUI lets you change your icons and lemme tell you, it is lit! Its like giving an entirely new birth to your phone and not only that, you even get to choose from a number of visually appealing app icons so you wont have to change one and stick with it, you’re flexible and thats the beauty of it.


LinkSwipe Pro

Price: $1

Im not entirely sure what category this app fits into but I would probably categorize it as a productivity app because it basically eases down 5 important actions into simple swipe and tap gestures. With a priorly set pattern of swiping and tapping you can do stuff like launching the browser, sharing the link with a default app, copying the link, opening the share chooser, or cancelling the link. It’s as simple as that and whats best is that you don’t normally take long to get used to it and these are the actions which phones do not include in factory settings to be controlled by gestures.


The Room

Price: $0.99

For those who like puzzles and mentally challenging games then this has to be an amazing investment. It is one addicting game and knowing the fact that you have paid for it (even if it’s as small as 99 cents) you actually want to kill time on this game. Suspenseful, challenging, immersive and filled with uncertainty, the room might just make your bathroom breaks super long but you wont regret loving this game.


Weather Timeline

Price: $1.49

Yes, I know its slightly above $1 dollar but it wasn’t until very long ago. Thats what happens when the app is good and the users go on increasing. So here you’ve got something tried, tested and loved. So what does it do, a series of cards descending the screen provide information on the weather of the current time along with subtle information about the weather details of the next 24 hours in color coded timelines.


Swype Keyboard

Price: $0.99

We all loved the feature that Samsung phones came with, in which you simple swipe on the keyboard instead of typing eating character. Now incase you use any android device  which does not support the feature then you have a very good option to download the Swype Keyboard because it lets you swipe on the keys and it makes out the most appropriate word and you don’t have to worry about it being correct, it always is!


Got any other $1 apps that you like? Let us know in the comments.

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