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Top 5 Productivity Apps Trending Today


It all starts from the fact that we live and breathe technology and can’t possibly go through a single day or as a matter of fact, a single activity without our smart devices. Its no implicit fact that devices are drastically changing how we go through our routine work, here I have collected a list of productivity apps that boost our productivity during the day and make life a whole lot simpler just by sitting silently in our phones.


Addappt: No Need To Update Contacts Ever Again

Addappt Available on App Store and Playstore.

Ever wondered how absolutely obsolete it seems to be scrolling down your Facebook when you see a post from some friend that goes like “hey I lost my phone, this is my new number why don’t you update it”, well here’s what, adapt saves the day! This productivity app automatically updates emails and phone numbers etc from your contact list and you don’t even have to move a muscle. Its as simple as sipping a glass of water and available on App Store and Playstore, what’s best is that it is absolutely free! Well phew, that’s one misery of updating your contact list every now and then gone down the drain, addappt has got you covered.


Audio Memos: Who Needs Sticky Notes?

Manage Your Recordings Efficiently

For an average human being it can take upto 2 minutes in the fastest possible way to take out their phone, go to the notes app and start ticking on the keyboard to keep things stored for later, and it gets a whole lot dangerous too while they’re driving. Why not be more productive (and safe) and make audio notes. The idea is that Audio Memos gives you the ease of simply recording your notes and not only record them, share them in every humanly possible way. Email, dropbox, USB transfer etc. It’s available on App Store and Playstore, not exactly free but it’s absolutely worth it.


Evernote: Everything One Can Possibly Ask For

The All in One Productivity App

One of my personal favourite productivity apps, this is like an All in One offer. This app has literally changed how we keep things organised. Take notes, record audio notes, add images and clip webpages, whats more? Share everything with people and groups. Its super convenient. Being productive get a whole lot easier when you have Evernote. The best part about this is that it is Free and available across all platforms iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac etc.


Roambi Analytics: More Data, Less Problem

Data Managed With Ease

Though the interface may look like that of a scary stock brokerage firm’s app. But this little app here has got you covered for all the huge amount of data you may have to manage. Most of us don’t really have that kind of work where we gather lots and lots of data but if the nature of anyones work is even remotely related to that of an Actuary, they would know what a total day saver this app is. You put raw data and this app turns it into something that’s easily readable and manageable. It makes analysis based decision making super convenient. Roambi is Free and available on iOS.


Google Hangouts: Communication Made Easy

Google Hangouts

Texting, Video Calling and sharing images has never been this easy and efficient before. Though most of us are more biased towards using whatsapp as an alternate which has its own unique advantages, Hangouts on the other hand connects users on their google accounts and provides a highly professional platform for carrying out work. I personally feel that hangouts provides a higher sound and video calling and yet doesn’t use a lot of data (for those who have data usage concerns).

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